Miles Gordon, MSW: CEO + Program Coordinator

Mr. Gordon is a New York University graduate with a background in evaluating and treating substance abuse clients at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City. He has clinical and group work experience through the Youth Counseling League in White Plains, New York. Mr. Gordon also has extensive business expertise which will further support lawyers’ work as they represent clients. He will be overseeing all offices and practices within the group.

Catherine McLaughlin, LCSW: Director

Mrs. McLaughlin is a licensed clinical social worker and certified OASAS provider. Mrs. McLaughlin has an extensive background in evaluating and treating substance abuse patients with psychological disorders. Mrs. McLaughlin understands the evaluating needs of attorneys and their clients. A partial list of her experience includes clinical work at New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Cornell Medical Center and presentations at substance abuse workshops. Mrs. McLaughlin shows skill in both long and short-term treatment plans and has a winning, genuine demeanor that any client can relate to comfortably.

Dr. Thomas Landino: Psychologist

Dr. Landino is a clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience in psychotherapy and in evaluating neuropsychological and psychological problems. He has functioned as a supervising psychologist for the psychotherapy work of post-doctoral students at Yale University and has also supervised the psychological evaluations done by doctoral students at Adelphi University. Dr. Landino is in the process of acquiring an OASAS certification. In addition to practicing in Westchester, Dr. Landino will be evaluating clients at his Greenwich, Connecticut office.

Dr. Ralph Shapiro: Consultant

Dr. Shapiro is a consultant for the Gordon Counseling Group. He has a Ph.D in clinical psychology, is a certified OASAS provider and has a post-doctoral certification in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. He is a former faculty member at the WCC Psychology Department and qualifies as an expert witness in psychology by the County Court of New York State. Dr. Shapiro has 40 years experience diagnosing and treating substance abuse and psychological disorders — he will be opening a new office in Massachusetts.